Programs for Older Adults and Caregivers

In autumn 2013, AACHAC presented Boomers, Caregivers, and Beyond–A Resource Fair, for those interested in finding the help they need to give the best care for their parents and other family elders. AARP was a major sponsor of the event, which offered doctors’ panels, guest speakers, and resource tables from a variety of community organizations that deal with elder issues.

The stress of caring for aging parents can become overwhelming, and more and more adults who provide primary care for their parents need information about available resources. AACHAC has developed a support group that provides just what people need to know.

The group gathers to share frustrations and helpful resources and to take comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone. Understanding that caregivers often run out of energy before the person being cared for, the group is a nurturing place for caregivers to take care of themselves as they take care of elders.

Click on the photos below to see a slide show of Programs for Older Adults and Caregivers.

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