Disaster Preparedness

AACHAC became aware of the need to share disaster preparedness information after one member’s mother escaped the San Bruno fire and discovered how stressful it was for her.

“AACHAC is about wellness, and the stress of a disaster can really affect mental and physical health,” said Dennis Parker, an AACHAC member and Red Cross volunteer. “

When Parker, who had some background in disaster preparedness, did an informal presentation on actions people can take to survive in a disaster, it was so well received that AACHAC then partnered with the Red Cross to present something more comprehensive.

Another interesting result was getting our church community involved. What happens, for example, if an earthquake or some other disaster happens in the middle of Sunday services? The church can suddenly become responsible for providing food, shelter, and water. In the populations AACHAC serves, the church is the place people go for information and comfort during a disaster. We want to help them be prepared for those situations, and the pastors are very interested.